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Hello there, I’m Dorrette Harris

Personal Life & Mentorship Coach

My Story

My truth, my why

2018 was all about making changes. I’d gained clarity of my own mind, assessed my strengths, what I truly wanted out of my career, and what I didn’t. I knew work-life balance was important to me.

I also knew I wanted to utilise the skills which were most rewarding in my previous role.

More importantly, ​I wanted to build a career that would link the voluntary activities that gave me a sense of purpose and have brought about positive changes for me and others.


How I got here

Having spent 11 years, working in a corporate environment, leading and building successful teams as a Senior Manager, I recognised that I had a natural ability to develop talent and support individuals, be it in their career or within my own network, by supporting and guiding persons to answer the questions Who AM I? What do I want? and How do I achieve it?

Each time I witness a breakthrough, having supported individuals I experience an immeasurable feeling of accomplishment of having stepped into my own purpose.  Knowing that by successfully combining practical tools around mindset, creating spaces to develop positive habits, pivoting change to transformation, unlocking their potential, to achieve their goals to allow that individual to step into their purpose,  building confidence to succeed by choosing to invest in themselves, is commendable.

Working with my clients is deeply rewarding. It gives me a great sense of joy and gratitude. Through coaching conversations, supporting, and guiding inflow, by gaining a clear vision of what they want, developing clear actionable goals, working on identified areas of development, supporting through personal challenges arising from anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, or wanting to rebalance self to impact their wellbeing. I thoroughly enjoy, coaching my clients through the process, using key coaching techniques. I thrive against these particular challenges.

Meet your coach!

As your coach my sole purpose is to support women who are at a pivotal point in their life, who ​have-come to the realisation that they need to make some changes and ​are asking those questions. Who am I? What is it I want?  How do I get to that outcome?  Helping to reconnect my clients with self and not titles, with who they really are, is transformational.

Being encouraging, reminding them of their authenticity is beautiful and poetic.  Reassuring them that wanting change is okay, it’s not selfish to focus on their ownness and the more they live in their oneness, the more purposeful and balanced life can be.

As they become more aware that their mindset is the mother of all change and through creating space, fostering an environment for that to happen, enables the beginning of untethering their more and channelling their energy into creating the life they deserve.

I look forward to working with you on your journey. In closing I applaud you for taking that step towards investing in yourself, knowing that it all starts with you, knowing that “ Mindfulness Creates Change “.

More About Me

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Hi Coach D, I just wanted to say thank you for the workshop. This is day 4 but I can only describe that my mind has started to feel free!! like infinite possibilities are open to me. It’s like a loud has lived and I'm seeing me for the first time. I know something was changing" when I fired off a few emails today without worrying beforehand what the response would be. Thank you, I've put my cape on with a big S on my chest.
Dr S. Thomas
workshops... intimate, safe, relatable, insightful, enlightening, thought provoking, empowering... . Dorrette shares her growth experience which is reassuring, humbling and therefore makes one feel safe, and in the company someone who has done the work. she is real, accessible, honest, passionate and a great communicator, coaching, mentoring, 1to1 ... with CDH you do the work at your pace however, clear expectations are set.
Coach Dorrette Harris…I met this power house at a “Hustle & Hees” event (their 5th birthday celebration) and upon first contact, she instantly changed my world”. We have been supporting one another ever since. Recently she invited me as a guest (to say thank you for sponsoring a previous workshop with some of my candles for her guest goodie bags) to sit in on her 5 day “Reconnecting & Beyond” workshop…